Lists & Relationships

Lists and Parent/Child Relationships

*Tip: Try having a notepad and writing down what you learn!

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Learn how to make lists! If you look below we are using a list in the "Main Points"! Can you tell which type we are using? And what it means when you nest elements inside of each other.

Main Points:

  1. "ul" stands for "unordered list" and provides a set of bullet points.
  2. "ol" stands for "ordered list" and, like this list, gives us numbers.
  3. "li" stands for "list item" and these are the elements we put inside of of our lists.
  4. A parent/child relationship describes elements that are nested inside of each other.
  5. Remember to INDENT your children so we can better see who is the parent and who is the child!
----<li>Chocolate trees</li>
----<li>Banana clouds</li>

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